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Early Education

ICES has an Early Education Program for 3 & 4 year olds! 

Faith & Learning

We believe that our children are fearfully and wonderfully made. They are God’s gifts to us. One of the most important contributions that we can make in our children’s lives is to provide them with an education that recognizes the fundamental connection between faith and learning. We strive to do this for all of our students regardless of abilities and needs. 

The Early Education Program at Immanuel Christian Elementary School offers vibrant, play-based learning where our youngest students can grow and develop in a Christian environment! This program offers current ICS parents an opportunity to have their Early Education Program (EEP) age children attend the same school as their siblings. It also gives parents the opportunity to have continuity of programming and location for their children, Early Education age through elementary school years.

Check out the brochure to learn more and meet the staff!

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* Please note that our bus service is not available to Early Education students