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Store Cards

2022 Monthly Store Card Ordering

Store cards were a great hit this past year. Due to the popularity of the Store Card program the cards will be sold on a monthly basis.

Deadline to order your last store cards for this school year is June 8, 2022. Pickup will be on June 15 & 16.

Please submit your order to business@immanuelcs.ca with the forms linked below. 

Payment: preference for e-transfer; cash and cheques are accepted. Please make cheques payable to: ICS Store Cards

Please order using the Instant Form for groceries/etc., and the Family Form for a more extensive list of stores.

Future Order Dates:

Store Cards will resume in September.

What are ICS Store Cards?

Store Cards are a great opportunity to raise significant funds for the school and offset your own school fees without spending an extra cent! It is a fundraising program that works while you shop. It harnesses the buying power of school supporters to raise funds effortlessly. Everyday purchases can generate earnings for the school and for yourself! 


The purpose of Store Cards is to generate funds that will be split 50/50 between special school fundraising projects and a family's own school fees. That's right! Using Store Cards can reduce your school fees!

How it works

Bulk quantities of gift certificates & gift cards are purchased at a discount. The certificates & cards are then sold to participating families at face value, with 50% of the discount passed on to fundraising and 50% can be applied to your own family’s school fees (or allocated towards another family) for any given school year. Store Cards can be purchased through the Society office - there are many card options in stock at all times, but some will need to be ordered in advance. You can download the order forms here or fill one out at the office.

For example:

If one family spends $800 per month on groceries, this translates to a yearly expenditure of $9,600. Based on an average card return of 4%, this family would generate $384 in rebate revenue. From that, 50% may be applied as a credit toward that family’s annual school fees for any given school year and the other 50% will go towards fundraising. If 250 families participate at this level, $96,000 would be generated in overall rebate revenue for Immanuel Christian Schools! And that's just groceries! ICS also offers Store Cards for coffee, dining, entertainment and many other options with varying rates of return, from 1-10%! Without spending an additional penny, participating families become an important part of raising funds for ICS, while lowering their annual school fees. It’s a true WIN-WIN! What a great way to make Christian education more affordable!

Who Can Participate?

Store Cards are open to parents, future parents, grandparents, school society members/donors and anyone in the community who wishes to participate. So tell everyone!!

Participation is important!

We need as many participants as possible in order for this to be successful.

Families planning for the future education of their children at Immanuel Christian Schools can also earn school fee credit. Immanuel Christian Schools will hold the amount of credits earned until enrollment in the school. Fee credits in Store Cards do not guarantee placement of the child at time of enrollment. Normal admission procedures and policies will still be followed.

How do I sign up?

Store Cards are ready to go!

Please contact the Society Office. Each participating family will be assigned an account number (which is generally the last four digits of your phone number). This account will be used to record your name, address, purchases and percentages earned for fundraising and school fee credits for the family. 

All distribution of the school fee credits will be applied to any outstanding balances first and then applied to current school fees. School fee credits are applied to the family’s account in December & June. A statement of school fee credits earned will be distributed twice per year during the months of November & May. Any discrepancies on the statement must be brought to the attention of the Society Office.

*Participation is optional.