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Society Board


Immanuel Christian Schools is owned and operated by the Society for Christian Education in Southern Alberta. The Society is made up of members who have paid their annual dues and who support the mission of the Society. The membership elects a Board of Directors who are charged with maintaining the mission and overseeing the operation of the schools.

Society for Christian Education 2022 – 2023 Board of Directors

Scott Van't Land Chairman
Mitchel Muizelaar Vice Chair
Daniel Hummel Secretary
Brendan Scholten Treasurer
Derek Kreft Director
Dave Neels Director
Scott Holtrop Director
Josh deHaan Director

School Council Representatives

  • Mitchel Muizelaar, ICES
  • Mitchel Muizelaar, ICSS

2022-2023 Concept Minutes

Concept minutes can be found in our Society For Christian Education of Southern Alberta Newsletters that go out monthly. Click here to view our latest newsletter.

ICS is a member of the following organizations:

Christian Schools International

Founded in 1920, Christian Schools International was the first educational services organization to be established in North America and has been the leader in Christian education for almost a century. Our worldview is firmly rooted in scripture and in a reformed tradition of Christian theology. In the most simple terms, a reformed worldview means: 1) The world belongs to God. There is no part of education that can be separated from God. 2) Faith and learning are inseparable and imbedded in every aspect of the school and its curriculum. 3) Each child is a unique image-bearer of their Creator. Their gifts and talents are God-given and are to be nurtured and celebrated. 4) Our biblical worldview is firmly rooted in Scripture. Probing the mysteries of Creation, engaging in dialogue over troubling issues, and seeking greater wisdom and understanding are challenges for Christian schools to embrace as we impact the world for Christ.

Prairie Centre For Christian Education

The Prairie Centre for Christian Education opened its doors in August of 2011. Formerly known as the Prairie Association of Christian Schools {PACS}, PCCE is a community of 16 Christian school communities in Alberta and Manitoba. PCCE represents nearly 5600 students from K-12, nearly 400 teachers, and nearly 40 administrators. PCCE is the joining together of Christian School Societies {PACS}, teachers {The Christian Educators Association}, and administrators {The Prairie Christian Principals Association}.

ICS is affiliated with the following organisations:

Christian Schools Canada

Christian Schools Canada is made up of organizations from three regions:

  • The Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools,(OACS, along with their teachers’ and principals’ associations: EDIFIDE and OCSAA),
  • the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (PCCE) and
  • the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia (SCSBC, along with the regional teachers’/principals’ associations: CTABC and CPABC)

Each of these has, as part of their mandate, the strengthening of Christian schools in their region. To further the cause of Christian education at provincial and national levels, these organizations partner together in a Canada-wide alliance of Christian schools. 

Society For Christian Schools in BC

The Society of Christian Schools in BC is an organization of Christian school communities sharing a biblical vision for Christian education. The SCSBC “seeks to do collectively what no school could or should do individually.”

In the 1950's, several Christian schools joined to form the Southwest British Columbia League of Christian Schools. This organization became the SCSBC officially established in 1976. We are also affiliated with Christian Schools International (CSI) and Christian Schools Canada (CSC).The SCSBC provides a wide range of services for its member schools as well as others seeking resources and support in the provision of Christian education.

Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools

The Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) is the oldest (1952) and largest independent school organization in Canada. The board and staff are committed to the pursuit of quality Christian education and consciously and prayerfully integrate Biblical principles into our educational theories and practices.

The OACS represents a flourishing Christian education community in Eastern Canada made up of 70 schools and 11,000 students. The OACS is a member of Christian Schools Canada as well as the Federation of Independent Schools in Canada. The board is made up of 10 members elected by the membership at the annual meeting in November