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ICS Testimonials

"Our family enjoys these schools immensely. From the elementary, to the middle school, to the high school, the staff is caring and willing to go the extra mile for our children. Christian perspectives are taught in each class and how to live the Christian life is emphasized. A variety of sports, music, drama and other option classes are available and they have enhanced our childrens' educational experience. We heartily recommend ICS."

- Gerrit and Julia Sinke


"When we think about what Christian Education means to us as a family, we feel so honoured to be able to send our kids to a school that provides more than education. The students receive all that Alberta Education requires plus the Christian education aspect taught throughout all the classes. We see this in the work they bring home and we love to see their eyes light up in excitement when they tell us about it! Every time we come to the school, I am amazed at the wonderful feeling of community that we get while we are there. We know our children are in good hands and cared for individually. You can definitely see that the teachers are passionate about their jobs, plus they genuinely care for and love the students. Thank you teachers! We enjoy attending the Chapels where not only do the students get a chance to be a part of them, but also the teachers put in the effort to participate as well. This is so nice to see. What we really cherish the most of all is the knowledge our children are gaining on how to live in this world as Christians. We feel truly blessed as we raise our children to be servants of our Lord."

- Brendan and Jackie Scholten