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Transportation Application


New for 2020-2021 is an Application for transportation services.

1. Who does this apply to?

  • Any family who desires the use of transportation services as described in the supporting documents.

2. What action is required?

  • Read the supporting transportation service documents (Safety and Information)
  • Consider what service you require
    • Full-time – This option is the same as it has always been offered.
    • Kindergarten Only – This option is the same as it has always been offered. It is per family if the oldest child(ren) are in Kindergarten.
    • New – Transfer Only – This option is for families who have students at both campuses and are not users of Full-Time or Kindergarten Only. 
    • See the Society Fee Schedule 2020-2021 for transportation rates.
  • Fill in all necessary information on the Application (works best to download and then fill out), sign and return to the Society Office

3. When is this due and how do I submit?

  • Applications must be returned by Friday June 12.
  • Send by email to business@immanuelcs.ca
  • By mail to Society for Christian Education 802 6th Ave N, Lethbridge AB T1H 0S1
  • Have in an envelope and dropped in the mail slot at Immanuel Christian Secondary School