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Transportation Application

1. Who does this apply to?

  • Any family who desires the use of transportation services as described in the supporting documents. One form per family.

2. What action is required?

  • Fill in all necessary information on the Transportation Application (works best to download and then fill out), sign and return to the Society Office
  • Read the supporting transportation service documents (Safety and Information)
  • Consider what service you require
    • Full-time – This option is the same as it has always been offered.
    • Kindergarten Only – This option is the same as it has always been offered. It is per family if the oldest child(ren) are in Kindergarten.
    • Transfer Only – This option is for families who have students at both campuses and are not users of Full-Time or Kindergarten Only.

3. When is this due and how do I submit?

  • Applications must be returned by Friday, April 25, 2022.
  • Send by email to business@immanuelcs.ca
  • By mail to Society for Christian Education 802 6th Ave N, Lethbridge AB T1H 0S1
  • Have in an envelope and dropped in the mail slot at Immanuel Christian Secondary School

See the Society 2022-2023 Fee Schedule for transportation rates.