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Friends of Immanuel Dinner

The Friends of Immanuel Dinner, like other events, is a great opportunity for the school community to gather together in support of the mission of Immanuel Christian Schools. The Friends of Immanuel Dinner began in the late 1990s as the Participation Drive fundraiser of the Society for Christian Education in Southern Alberta to help serve Immanuel Christian Schools, and keep Christian education affordable for all. There is no ticket cost but guests are gratefully asked for monetary donations, via envelopes on the tables, as they enjoy the evening. 

Generally, keynote speakers are brought in to speak about Christian education. We have had many alumni come to speak at this event, which is always a treat for the Society. This event also provides an opportunity to listen to special music, as the ICSS choir often performs. Every year a delicious meal is served for the occasion. We certainly invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and any other interested adults to join us for this annual event. 

For more information about the Friends of Immanuel Dinner, contact Monica Loewen, Executive Director, at director@immanuelcs.ca or the Society Office at (403) 327-4223.