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ALUMNI HIGHLIGHT - Ken Boessenkool (Class of 1987)

Ken Boessenkool graduated from ICHS in 1987 and has spent his career invested in Canadian politics and policies.  After high school, he completed an undergraduate degree in business with majors in Finance and Philosophy from the University of Lethbridge.  Ken also completed a graduate degree in economics from the University of Toronto in 1998. 

Ken’s career has been long and varied.  He began as a personal banker and has also been a senior regulatory economist with two different electricity firms.  He has played senior strategic and policy roles in four national election campaigns for the Conservative Party of Canada under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He has been Chief of Staff to former Premier of British Columbia Christy Clark and a senior policy advisor to three national Conservative leaders, two Alberta Finance Ministers, and an Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader, as well as holding senior roles in numerous national and provincial leadership campaigns. 

Ken is currently the J.W. McConnell Professor of Practice at the Max Bell school of Public Policy at McGill University, Research Fellow at the CD Howe Institute, and Founding Partner at Meredith Boessenkool Policy Advisors. 

Above all of these accomplishments and titles, however, the name Ken wears most proudly is that of Opa.  Ken lives in Southern Alberta, has four daughters, two of whom graduated from ICSS, and two grandchildren. 

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