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60 Years of Ladies Auxiliary!

On February 26, 1964, a group of women gathered to form an alliance of mothers committed to enhancing their children's education.  They thought if they combined their talents together they would find ways to raise funds to further advance their children's school day needs.  That gathering of 25 ladies became the first Immanuel Christian School Ladies Auxiliary.

60 years later, the dedicated members of The Auxiliary are still raising funds to provide some of the "extras" for our schools.  There have been many fundraisers over the years, including bake sales, roast beef dinners, banquet serving, apple pie & crisp sales, and who could forget, hot dog days!  

Over the past 60 years, Ladies Auxiliary has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for our schools.  In recent years, most of the funds raised come from the hot lunch programs in our schools.  In just the past ten years, $250,686.70 has been raised - that's a lot of money!  If that was all from hot dog sales, that would be over 167,000 hot dogs sold!

We are so grateful to The Auxiliary for their commitment to Immanuel Christian Schools - thank you for all you do!  


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