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Fall Fundraiser

Fall Fill-Up & Online Auction 2021 Recap:

Immanuel Christian Schools received a tremendous amount of support from those who purchased items in the Fill-Up and would like to thank everyone for their purchases.  

Immanuel Christian Schools would like to thank those who made and donated items to the Online Auction. Thanks to our generous donors there were a number of items up for bid and the auction was once again a big success. Up for bid were, homemade quilts, baked goods, recreational items, gift baskets and so much more. Thank you! We would also like to thank those who bid and outbid in the online auction. 

Thank you to the promotions committee, volunteers, and our Events Coordinator (Marina Grant), for organizing this years online event.

Fall Fill-Up & Online Auction raised funds for general classroom and student experience modernization.

Fall Fill-Up funds raised: $12,500

Online Auction funds raised: $20,003 

Combined Total from both events is $32,503

What would you like to see in the next Fall Fill-Up?

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