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Fall Fundraiser

Fall Fundraiser 2022

As a community, we have so much to be thankful for and being able to gather this year for the Fall Fundraiser is definitely on the list!  It was wonderful to see crowds of people in the large gym, visiting and eating together and to have the small gym loud with children's laughter as they played games.  We are grateful that we could gather as a community, but also for the financial support that was given for Immanuel Christian Schools.  Final numbers are still coming in, but we're excited to announce that over $40,000 has been raised - thank you!!

A day like this does not happen without a lot of help, so a few special thank you's:

  • the planning committee - Trudy Elgersma, Elinor Kolk, Melinda Notenbomer, Jackie Palmer, Ashley Stronks
  • the "meat bosses", Neal Dekens & Samantha Van't Land
  • all of the volunteers throughout the day, including KidZone, the kitchen, the food tables, the sales tables in the gym, the cash counter and the clean-up crew
  • all of the staff and students that helped with set up
  • the businesses that contributed to different elements of the day - Chin Coulee Spud Farms, Christian Credit Union, Coaldale Bakery, Koster's Bakery, Royal Import & Export, Slomp Farms, Sunrise Poultry & VZ Farms
  • thanks to everyone who donated items for the auction and the bake table, as well as to all who purchased them

We're already talking about next year's event, so stay tuned for details.  A little teaser - we're planning a small Farmer's Market in addition to the bake table, so keep that in mind next summer as you do your canning, and make a couple of extra jars of jam or salsa to donate to the Fall Fundraiser. 

We're also looking for new members for the planning committee, particularly someone to work alongside Melinda Notenbomer in the KidZone.  Contact the Monica in the Society Office at director@immanuelcs.ca or (403) 327-4223 if this is something you are interested in.

Thank you again for all of your support of Immanuel Christian Schools - we truly are better together.

Fall Fill-Up & Online Auction 2021

Immanuel Christian Schools received a tremendous amount of support from those who purchased items in the Fill-Up and would like to thank everyone for their purchases.  

Immanuel Christian Schools would like to thank those who made and donated items to the Online Auction. Thanks to our generous donors there were a number of items up for bid and the auction was once again a big success. Up for bid were, homemade quilts, baked goods, recreational items, gift baskets and so much more. Thank you! We would also like to thank those who bid and outbid in the online auction. 

Thank you to the promotions committee, volunteers, and our Events Coordinator (Marina Grant), for organizing this years online event.

Fall Fill-Up & Online Auction raised funds for general classroom and student experience modernization.

Fall Fill-Up funds raised: $12,500

Online Auction funds raised: $20,003 

Combined Total from both events is $32,503